The Classic world Asia preschool education conference invites you to experience the reasonable arrangement of kindergarten life


On November 9, 2018, the 3-day Asia preschool education conference was held in suzhou international expo center.

Soviet educator nuojinna pointed out that "games are the faithful partners of children's time, and games are easier to promote children's education than any form of activities". Kelai preschool education has been committed to exploring how to enrich the toys for children's daily life in kindergarten, paying attention to children's interest in games for a long time, and advocating children's natural and active learning in the environment of games. In this exhibition, we have brought a series of game materials and environment for children's physical and mental development.


STEAM Classroom

The solution of kindergarten's "STEAM" function classroom was designed by a team of designers from the United States, Israel and China. After repeated research and testing, it took more than a year to design a series of colorful game materials based on the construction and the concept of "STEAM". At home and abroad at the same time we also invited the childcare expert team to write a set of preschool education system of China will be applied to STEAM course, including small, middle shift, big three age groups, a total of 96 class hour, adopt "project learning method + solution = across science learning" method, the "STEAM" combined with eight talent intelligence, through the "whole scene experience" and "role play" in the form of a guide children to learn and grow in the game, for a kindergarten building is different from the traditional STEAM which the classroom.


Outdoor Play

Outdoor games are a very important link in the daily life of kindergarten. In order to meet the needs of children's outdoor development, enhance children's interest and enhance the games, we have designed a series of outdoor game products, which adopt anticorrosive wood and take into account environmental protection and durability. Let children in a healthy environment to enjoy the game, release their nature.


The fine arts classroom

Daub is a child's painting instinct, they are often involuntarily looking for all the tools and materials can be painted, painting, on the wall, the floor, even clothing graffiti. According to the height of children aged 3-6, we build a multi-functional art classroom for the kindergarten. All the products are both aesthetic and practical. We also invited has over 20 years experience in children's art education experts for us to write a set of suitable for children in the development of art courses, through the painting, coating, cutting, tearing, sensory experience such as kneading, stick, stick, rub to create art works, the way in helping children in the fine arts creation experience the fun of "self", improve children's interest in art.


Orff Music

Music, language and dance are the most original ways for human to express emotions. Orff music is different from traditional injection teaching. Children express their unique understanding of music through body movements and Musical Instruments. We provide about 30 kinds of orff music teaching toys to let children experience, experience and comprehend the infinite fun brought by music in a relaxed and natural environment.


Gen metope ring

As a kind of "recessive curriculum", the creation of kindergarten class environment is of great educational significance in developing children's intelligence and promoting their personality development. We take the forest as the theme to match the lovely cartoon animal image, the string beads, the eight tone piano, the navigation, the playroom mirror, the vision, the gear and so on conforms to the child development need the game to melt into the wall ring to create, while taking into account the ring to create at the same time can let the child get the growth.

Kelai preschool education always adheres to the educational concept of "releasing children's nature and exploring the spirit of games", so that children can learn naturally and actively in a relaxed atmosphere of games. On the occasion of this annual Asia preschool education conference, we sincerely invite you to join us by the golden rooster lake to experience a different kindergarten day for you.